A Robot System You Control

You may need to boost production at your facility, but your budget constraints will not allow you to hire more employees. Our robot arms literally provide you with the additional help you need to increase production, and you only have to make an initial investment, so it is a cost-effective solution.

The Equipment

Its name is Panda. It is a sensitive and interconnected lightweight robot that everybody can use.

The Components

You can set up Panda in 10-20 minutes, and it is ready for use immediately. The system consists of the arm and control along with the pilot and the hand with exchangeable fingers. It comprises a full software framework ranging from low-level mechatronics control to the highly intuitive app-based programming environment called Desk.

Unique Characteristics

Panda was designed, developed, and produced by FRANKA EMIKA GmbH in Munich, Germany. This collaborative, lightweight robot system is designed specifically to assist humans.

This Is Desk

With Desk, you can intuitively and fully take advantage of all the highly sophisticated capabilities of Panda. Programming is as easy as arranging and allocating available apps into entire automation solutions that you can run instantly. No extra hardware is needed. Desk runs completely on any web browser and can be operated via any touchscreen device or keyboard.



Just drag and drop the apps you want, set the requirements you need, and start working. Your task is complete.

Apps are programs that are ready to be deployed immediately for entire application processes. By arranging and setting the required apps, you can create even the most complex tasks without needing any in-depth programming knowledge.

Dialog-Based Setup

You will be asked for everything Panda needs to know and walk you through the setup process. For setting up the required apps, you are guided through interactive step-by-step dialogs. This is an intuitive and efficient way to set up your tasks.

Set Up in No Time

After delivery, it will take only a few minutes to install, run, and write your own programs. Once completed, deploying the same configuration is almost instantaneous.