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The Solution to Your Automation

State-of-the-art robotics applications. This breakthrough technology offers a wide range of automation solutions. As such, essential tasks of all industry segments can be automated to accommodate your needs.

Designed to Work with Humans

Our robotic arm is a lightweight structure with advanced human-inspired kinematics and excellent precision. It features a safe, artificial reflex system that halts motion to prevent a collision. The device's human-like sense of touch enables complex and robust product assembly. Additionally, it has intuitive multimodal human-robot interaction, so it gives your staff extra help to improve production.


Convenient for Everybody

You do not have to have an advanced degree to use our equipment because it offers a smartphone-like user experience for programming within minutes. Our robot arm provides platform-independent and seamless integration into industry 4.0, so you do not have to upgrade your current technology. It also comes with cloud connection for global access to Robot Apps.

Highest Return on Investment

Save on your automation needs with our lightweight robot arm. It has low hardware, software, and integration cost. Because it is compatible with existing infrastructures, it allows for flexible integration in no time.

Although it is cost-effective, our lightweight robot arm has a novel programming approach using modular and reusable powerful Robot Apps. This design results in an effortless multi-robot deployment that expands the way you can use it in your facility.